200 - 300 Thread Count

Basic Percale
Percale is a tightly woven, plain weave fabric that consists of one horizontal yarn over, one vertical yarn under. Percale fabric has a matte appearance and is generally made from Egyptian cotton or high quality combed cotton. Combing is a process that removes any short, inferior quality fibres from the yarn, to produce a smooth yarn, suitable for a percale weave.

Percale has a thread count of 200 or higher and its tight weave produces a smooth, crisp cotton fabric, of a medium weight. Percale is perfect for bed linen as it is luxurious and smooth to sleep under and washes and wears extremely well. It can be finished in a number of ways.

Embellished Percale
Percale bed linen is extremely hardy and can be embellished in a number of ways. Embellishments can be added as embroidery that is done either by machine or by hand, such as a ladder stitch. It can applied as an applique where a contrast material or fabric is attached to the percale product, or as cording. Cording is carefully on a sewing machine, and a single row is added at a time. Some percale designs feature a single row of cording and others up to three rows. A row of satin cord adds a lovely dimension to crisp cotton, percale bed linen.