350 - 750 Thread Count

A sateen fabric is generally woven with one vertical thread for every four horizontal threads. This type of weave produces a fabric with a lustrous feel that resembles satin or silk. Its weave cleverly places more yarns facing the front of the fabric which makes the fabric smooth and silky to the touch. Sateen bed linen is made from high quality, long staple, combed cotton and has a thread count of 300 or higher.  While sateen fabrics are not as durable as tighter percale weaves, they are extremely luxurious to sleep under.

Sateen Stripe
A delicate repeat stripe pattern can be interwoven within a sateen weave. In addition to the silky sheen of a sateen fabric, you can have the added appeal of a subtle stripe. Coco bed linen is woven from superior quality, long staple yarn, and features a 5mm stripe. Coco fabric feels fine and silky but is extremely durable due to the quality of its yarn and stability of its weave.

High Thread Count Percale
A fabric with a true, high thread count should be finer and silkier than a standard percale, due the high quality, long staple yarns required for its construction. Longer cotton staples are combed finer, to extract the smaller fibres and produce the strongest, smoothest, quality yarn. This yarn is woven in a percale weave to produce a fabric that is extremely smooth and fine to the touch.

Fabric of a higher thread count is more expensive, due to the quality of its yarn, and since it is finer than percale, may not last as long with frequent laundering and usage. The appeal of high thread count fabrics, such as Ultracale, is their silky smooth finish, lustre and lightweight feel.