50 - 140 Thread Count

Pure linen fabric is purposely woven with a low thread count to achieve its looser, open weave. It is an extremely high quality fabric, but can have a thread count as low as 50.  

Linen is known as one of the strongest natural vegetable fibres and is naturally moisture absorbing. Linen fibres are derived from the flax plant and are long staple and extremely durable. Due to the thickness of the flax fibres, the number of threads within its weave cannot be as high as those of finer Egyptian cottons, but the strength of linen is far superior to most cottons.

Linen fabric is naturally moisture absorbing and has the ability to trap air to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. It feels cool to the touch and is widely regarded as one of the most luxurious fabrics. An endearing characteristic of linen is that it becomes softer and more desirable over time the more it is washed.

Fabrics used for commercial bedding purposes must be robust, hard-wearing and capable of withstanding frequent, stringent, commercial laundering practices.

Commercial bed linen fabric is woven with a plain weave and has a thread count of 140 and above. A plain weave is the simplest weave type, and consists of one yarn over, one yarn under. This weave structure is strong and durable, suitable for Commercial bed linen. The yarn undergoes a combing process to remove the short, poor quality fibres from the yarn to produce a smoother quality finish.