Starting Fibre

Fibres are spun into yarns, and the longer the fibres are, the fewer ends that will stick up, resulting in a smoother feeling fabric. The longer the fibres, the better the cotton produced. Long fibres with fine properties are best because these can be woven into genuine high thread counts, creating unmistakable feel and luxurious quality.

Without the correct starting fibre a true high thread count cannot be woven or manufactured.

Levant cotton
Native to southern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula (less than 2%).

American Upland
This strand of cotton ranges from 22mm - 33mm

Extra Long Staple Cotton
This strand of cotton ranges from 31.5mm - 40mm
Pima Cotton - 34mm
Supima Cotton - 34 -38mm
Egyptian Cotton - 31.5mm - 36mm
Giza 45 - 36mm - 48mm

fibre lengths

fibre types