Weave Type

The weave of a fabric doesn’t contribute to a better or worse fabric, so the question “Which is better?” doesn’t apply. It’s a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer a flat plain weave, while others prefer a more silky finish.

The way in which fabric is woven also has an effect on its feel. Cotton sateen sheets, for example, are softer than those with a classic linen weave. A satin weave has more warp threads on the top surface, resulting in a silk-like touch and appealing lustre.

Plain Weave
A traditional one yarn over, one yarn under, method.

A percale is woven the same way as a plain weave, however it is constructed using a high quality weave with a true thread count of 225 (per sq.10cm) or more.  The appearance is flat with a matte to semi-matte look. The finer the yarn and higher the thread count the more natural lustre you will see in the fabric.

A sateen weave is one vertical thread woven for every four horizontal threads. This type of weave produces a fabric with a lustrous look and satin feel. Generally made from a very fine yarn and has a higher thread count. Woven with more left threads on the surface, the construction of the weave is generally four yarns over, one yarn under.