A good quality steam iron makes ironing cotton bed linen much easier.  Iron cottons on a warm setting, but always check the care label first for the ironing recommendation. It is helpful to iron bed linen when it is damp either from washing, or after spritzing with water from a spray bottle. Avoid using harsh starches when you iron as this will coat the surface of your cottons and affect the true lustre and softness of the fabric. Spritzing bed linen with a scented linen water assists in removing heavy set creases and also provides a blissful sleeping experience. 


It is best to iron pure linen when it is still a little damp after washing, using a steam iron. Spritzing linens with water from a spray bottle or with a scented linen water will also help to remove deep-set creases. Fine linens have a tendency to crease more when they are new, but you will find that they wrinkle less over time.  Avoid using starches when you iron linen, and always adhere to the ironing instructions on the care label of the product.


Polyester is a synthetic, man-made, material. Some polyester bed linens are made to wrinkle less than pure linens and require little or no ironing. While easier to care for, synthetic linens cannot achieve the softness and superior handle of pure linens. Most products made from polyester and polyester blends can be ironed on a low to moderately warm setting, but always refer to the care label first.