Cleaning Your Pillows


Once a month we recommend that you remove your down pillow from its pillowcase and pillow protector, and place it either in a sunny position or outside in the fresh air. For best results we recommend airing your pillow for at least 12-24 hours on the clothes line. Gently move the filling around to separate any lumpy spots within the clusters of down and feather.

Dry Cleaning

It is best to have down pillows professionally dry cleaned, rather than launder them yourself. Dry cleaning preserves the filling and also ensures that the pillow is washed suitably. Cleaning your pillow will remove the impurities that get trapped within the filling with frequent usage and you will find that after it is cleaned, much of your pillow’s original spring and loft will return.

Be sure to check that the dry cleaner launders and cleans your pillow only. Be wary of companies who claim to “rejuvenate” your pillow, as they may not only replace the cover of your pillow with a smaller, inferior quality shell, but worse yet, top up your pillow with inferior duck down and/or feather. There are many professional dry cleaners that specialise in pillow cleaning, but it is best to check with them as to their expertise before you book your pillow in for a clean.