Tips & Hints

Tip 1 - Sleep Clean

The natural oil from your skin can be one of the most detrimental factors in the breakdown of your bed linen. Showering before bed to remove the sweat and oils from your skin will prevent the formation of weak spots within the fabric, which in time could become susceptible to tearing.

Tip 2 - Machine Fill Level

Select the water fill level of your washing machine, in accordance with the size of your wash. Fill with cool or warm water and add the detergent, allowing the machine to agitate and dissolve the detergent, before you add the linens to be washed. Be sure to set the water level to ensure that it will completely cover the items being washed.

Tip 3 - Avoid Optical Brighteners

Avoid washing detergents that contain optical brighteners and/or whiteners as, in time, they will actually fade and compromise the colour of your linen. Use a gentle laundering detergent to help preserve your bed linen.