Cleaning Your Quilt


Once a month we recommend that you remove your down quilt from its cover and place it either in a sunny position or outside in the fresh air. For best results we recommend airing your quilt for at least 12 hours on the clothes line.


We advise having your down quilt professionally laundered, every year. Using a flat sheet and a quilt cover will prevent you from having to launder your quilt as frequently. Down quilts should only be professionally cleaned in washers large enough to accommodate them. Never attempt to wash a down quilt at home, risking that the machine’s agitator may tear the outer casing, causing the filling to escape. Forcing a large quilt into a conventional washer may also cause the filling to clump together. Check that your quilt is laundered by a professional servicer, rather than dry cleaned, so that the use of harsh dry cleaning fluids is avoided.

There are many professional dry cleaners who specialise in doona/quilt cleaning, but best to check with them as to their expertise before you book your quilt in for a clean.

Quilt Storage

In the off season, after it has been professionally laundered, store your down quilt in a breathable storage bag to keep it dust free and fresh.